Palos Verdes' Best Photo Spots

14 Fotospots
Just a short 45-minute drive from downtown Los Angeles, Palos Verdes is a hidden gem in the South Bay with some of the most beautiful views and unique attractions in L.A. Best of all, you can see (and do) it all in a weekend. Welcome to The Hill.

Queen's Necklace Overlook

Saves: 484
Check-ins: 31
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SS Dominator Shipwreck

Saves: 255
Check-ins: 26
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Wayfarers Chapel

Saves: 873
Check-ins: 42
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Palos Verdes Sea Caves

Saves: 112
Check-ins: 13
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Palos Verdes Secret Swing

Saves: 259
Check-ins: 24
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South Coast Botanic Garden

Saves: 343
Check-ins: 28
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Neptune Fountain

Saves: 284
Check-ins: 33
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Point Vicente Lighthouse

Saves: 470
Check-ins: 44
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Del Cerro Park Overlook

Saves: 306
Check-ins: 18
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Terranea Beach Cave

Saves: 704
Check-ins: 20
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Abalone Cove Tide Pools

Saves: 625
Check-ins: 35
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Palos Verdes Estates Overlook

Saves: 432
Check-ins: 34
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The Peacocks of Palos Verdes

Saves: 31
Check-ins: 10
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Roessler Point

Saves: 396
Check-ins: 30
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