Houston's Best Photo Spots

13 Fotospots
Want to snap some unique photos of H-town? Well, we've got you covered. From giant president heads, to a hobbit cafe, to a house made of beer cans, Clutch City has tons of photo-worthy Fotospots. Alright, alright, alright!

Synchronicity of Color

Saves: 57
Check-ins: 20
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Eclectic Menagerie Park

Saves: 35
Check-ins: 6
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National Museum of Funeral History

Saves: 29
Check-ins: 3
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Waterwall Park

Saves: 146
Check-ins: 35
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The Beer Can House

Saves: 45
Check-ins: 13
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The Wilde Collection

Saves: 15
Check-ins: 7
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The Hobbit Cafe

Saves: 47
Check-ins: 12
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Art Car Museum

Saves: 29
Check-ins: 10
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The Orange Show

Saves: 55
Check-ins: 15
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Space Center Houston

Saves: 66
Check-ins: 36
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Butler Longhorn Museum

Saves: 14
Check-ins: 2
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Sam Houston Park

Saves: 25
Check-ins: 11
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Giant President Heads

Saves: 79
Check-ins: 28
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