Unique Los Angeles Museums

10 Fotospots
Sure, mainstream museums are cool, but you know what’s super cool? Offbeat and quirky museums! We're talking museums for bunnies, tanks, Big Macs, and antiques that you can actually buy. Huzzah!

Museum of Jurassic Technology

Saves: 250
Check-ins: 43
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Museum of Death

Saves: 832
Check-ins: 101
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American Military Museum

Saves: 216
Check-ins: 27
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California Institute of Abnormal Arts

Saves: 442
Check-ins: 31
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Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum

Saves: 318
Check-ins: 38
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Back in the Day Classics

Saves: 248
Check-ins: 24
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The Bunny Museum

Saves: 268
Check-ins: 25
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Valley Relics Museum

Saves: 131
Check-ins: 24
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McDonald's Museum

Saves: 512
Check-ins: 75
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King Richard’s Antique Center

Saves: 316
Check-ins: 26
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