LA Film Locations From the '70s & '80s

13 Fotospots
Who doesn't love '80s movies? Well, now you can visit the real-life filming locations with this super fun guide by Fotospot. So what are you waiting for? Bueller? Bueller?

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off House

Saves: 596
Check-ins: 45
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The Golden Girls TV House

Saves: 115
Check-ins: 26
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Thriller Video Zombie Dance Location

Saves: 233
Check-ins: 16
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Ghostbusters Firehouse

Saves: 509
Check-ins: 76
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Happy Days TV House

Saves: 126
Check-ins: 40
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Michael Jackson Thriller House

Saves: 527
Check-ins: 91
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Nightmare On Elm Street House

Saves: 581
Check-ins: 63
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National Lampoon’s Vacation House

Saves: 132
Check-ins: 43
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The Brady Bunch House

Saves: 262
Check-ins: 44
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M*A*S*H Movie Location

Saves: 157
Check-ins: 11
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E.T., Elliott's House

Saves: 246
Check-ins: 11
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E.T. Flying Bicycle Chase

Saves: 301
Check-ins: 41
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Poltergeist Movie House

Saves: 199
Check-ins: 23
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