Fun TV & Movie Locations in Pasadena

11 Fotospots
With its tree-lined streets and small town feel, Pasadena has been a popular filming location since the golden age of Hollywood. And the best part? You can see all of them in one day!

Biff's House "Back to the Future 2"

Saves: 106
Check-ins: 42
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"Teen Wolf" Movie House

Saves: 71
Check-ins: 42
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Halloween Movie House

Saves: 551
Check-ins: 78
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George Mcfly's House "Back to the Future"

Saves: 135
Check-ins: 42
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Andie’s House "Pretty in Pink"

Saves: 64
Check-ins: 40
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Michael Myers House

Saves: 287
Check-ins: 76
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Pee Wee Herman's House

Saves: 305
Check-ins: 64
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"Daddy Day Care" Movie House

Saves: 61
Check-ins: 38
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Vernita Green's House "Kill Bill Vol 1"

Saves: 62
Check-ins: 16
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Rob Zombie’s Halloween House

Saves: 147
Check-ins: 44
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The Gamble House

Saves: 149
Check-ins: 49
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