California Route 62 Road Trip

13 Fotospots
Looking to escape Los Angeles for the day? This Fotospot Route 62 family-friendly road trip is approximately 1.5 hours of driving time and it won’t disappoint. From the world’s biggest dinosaurs, to an old-timey cowboy town, to Big Josh, the 25-foot-tall muffler man, this road trip has it all.

Cabazon Dinosaurs

Saves: 385
Check-ins: 165
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The Nude Bowl

Saves: 280
Check-ins: 6
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Saves: 168
Check-ins: 29
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Pappy & Harriet's

Saves: 39
Check-ins: 23
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Desert Christ Park

Saves: 159
Check-ins: 30
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The Integratron

Saves: 106
Check-ins: 12
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Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum

Saves: 287
Check-ins: 37
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Beauty Bubble Salon & Museum

Saves: 38
Check-ins: 41
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World Famous Crochet Museum

Saves: 108
Check-ins: 51
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Big Josh

Saves: 35
Check-ins: 39
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Krblin Jihn Kabin

Saves: 29
Check-ins: 7
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Coyote Corner

Saves: 26
Check-ins: 22
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Joshua Tree Futuro House

Saves: 67
Check-ins: 10
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