Portland’s Best Photo Spots

10 Fotospots
One of the coolest cities on the west coast, Portland has a ton to see. From unique architecture, to tranquil gardens, to an abandoned witch house! Check out our favorite Portland Fotospots. Remember, if you buy a souvenir, make sure to put a bird on it!

The Witch's Castle

Saves: 219
Check-ins: 24
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Lan Su Chinese Garden

Saves: 118
Check-ins: 24
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Cathedral Park

Saves: 133
Check-ins: 23
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Historic White Stag Sign

Saves: 124
Check-ins: 59
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The Grotto

Saves: 89
Check-ins: 20
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Old Town Chinatown

Saves: 57
Check-ins: 37
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Portland Japanese Garden

Saves: 86
Check-ins: 26
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Keep Portland Weird Mural

Saves: 74
Check-ins: 52
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Minh Quang Temple

Saves: 61
Check-ins: 6
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Oregon Zoo

Saves: 35
Check-ins: 25
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