Indianapolis' Best Photo Spots

12 Fotospots
We're talking unique art installations, catacomb ruins, the Underground Railroad, and so much more - these are a few of our favorite Fotospots around Indy. Fun fact: Taggart Baking Co launched Wonder Bread in 1921, becoming the first major company to sell sliced bread.

Market Street Catacombs

Saves: 49
Check-ins: 5
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Twisted House

Saves: 90
Check-ins: 9
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The Ruins

Saves: 61
Check-ins: 11
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Indiana Medical History Museum

Saves: 24
Check-ins: 2
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Slippery Noodle Inn

Saves: 17
Check-ins: 4
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Indianapolis Canal

Saves: 47
Check-ins: 18
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Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park

Saves: 21
Check-ins: 7
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John Dillinger's Grave

Saves: 19
Check-ins: 5
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Saves: 31
Check-ins: 0
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Indiana State House

Saves: 20
Check-ins: 24
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Indianapolis Moon Tree

Saves: 26
Check-ins: 13
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The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Saves: 25
Check-ins: 14
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