San Pedro to Dana Point Road Trip

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Tired of the same old boring tourist attractions? Check out these offbeat spots along this 48-mile stretch from San Pedro, CA to Dana Point, CA. Your social media followers will thank you.

White Point Hot Spring Hotel Ruins

Saves: 341
Check-ins: 20
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Sunken City

Saves: 1015
Check-ins: 79
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Channel Street Skatepark

Saves: 123
Check-ins: 25
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Sublime Memorial Wall

Saves: 554
Check-ins: 49
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Huntington Beach Painted Ladies

Saves: 648
Check-ins: 48
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World's Largest Surfboard

Saves: 88
Check-ins: 72
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Naked Surfer Statue

Saves: 61
Check-ins: 63
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Newport Beach Pirate House

Saves: 134
Check-ins: 50
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Saves: 847
Check-ins: 96
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Inspiration Point

Saves: 214
Check-ins: 37
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Treasure Island Beach Tunnel

Saves: 534
Check-ins: 61
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1000 Steps Sea Cave

Saves: 264
Check-ins: 33
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1000 Steps Secret Pools

Saves: 625
Check-ins: 38
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Pirate's Cave

Saves: 217
Check-ins: 12
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White Squirrels of Dana Point

Saves: 22
Check-ins: 22
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