LA Movie Locations From the 2000s

11 Fotospots
From award winners like "La La Land" and "A Star is Born" to franchises like "The Fast & Furious," these movie locations are guaranteed to ignite your social feeds. Lights, camera, action!

Fast & Furious House

Saves: 956
Check-ins: 104
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The "Superbad" Party House

Saves: 37
Check-ins: 19
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Lighthouse Cafe from "La La Land"

Saves: 33
Check-ins: 16
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Toretto’s Market "Fast and the Furious"

Saves: 59
Check-ins: 43
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Bird Box Movie House

Saves: 491
Check-ins: 39
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McLovin's Liquor Store "Superbad"

Saves: 93
Check-ins: 21
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Club Ed Movie Set

Saves: 259
Check-ins: 20
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Four Aces Movie Ranch

Saves: 414
Check-ins: 25
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Ally's House "A Star is Born"

Saves: 57
Check-ins: 46
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Jack's House "A Star is Born”

Saves: 37
Check-ins: 4
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Donnie Darko's House

Saves: 210
Check-ins: 26
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