La Jolla's Best Photo Spots

14 Fotospots

Also know as the Jewel of San Diego, La Jolla is one of the most beautiful beach towns on the west coast. From its spectacular coastline to the insta-worthy photo walls, La Jolla has some of the best Fotospots in California.

The Mushroom House

Saves: 382
Check-ins: 38
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La Jolla Secret Swings

Saves: 318
Check-ins: 62
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La Jolla Cove

Saves: 551
Check-ins: 105
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Children's Pool Seals

Saves: 116
Check-ins: 98
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La Jolla Tide Pools

Saves: 91
Check-ins: 58
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Favorite Color Wall

Saves: 367
Check-ins: 50
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Salk Institute

Saves: 418
Check-ins: 46
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Black’s Beach

Saves: 341
Check-ins: 60
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Saigon Trailhead

Saves: 188
Check-ins: 27
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Fallen Star

Saves: 644
Check-ins: 41
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Bear by Tim Hawkinson

Saves: 60
Check-ins: 28
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Murals of La Jolla Project

Saves: 555
Check-ins: 84
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Sunny Jim's Sea Cave

Saves: 619
Check-ins: 130
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Coast Walk Trail

Saves: 211
Check-ins: 63
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