Temple of Sinawava


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The northern end of Zion Canyon boasts the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the Temple of Sinawava, named after the Paiute tribe's coyote deity, located within Zion National Park. Accessible via the Zion Canyon Shuttle, which operates from March to October, visitors are treated to stunning vistas including Weeping Rock and Court of the Patriarchs along the route. Red rock dominates the landscape, with the iconic Pulpit formation towering above leafy trees. The Riverside Walk, a popular 2-mile round trip, leads to the famous Zion Narrows, where hikers can wade through the dramatic sluiceway and admire the towering cliffs. Wildlife such as birds, squirrels, mule deer, and blue herons can be spotted along the trail, including the park's infamous squirrels. Complimentary tram rides from Zion Lodge offer informative narration, while visitors are advised to plan ahead for shuttle return from the Narrows hike trailhead, possibly utilizing bikes for the downhill journey back. Adherence to park rules, including yielding to shuttles, ensures safety on the road lacking a shoulder.



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