Angels Landing


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The Angels Landing Trail, located near Springdale, offers a challenging yet popular 5-mile round trip hike with stunning views of Zion National Park and a river along the way. Taking approximately 4-5 hours to complete, this strenuous trail involves steep drop-offs and narrow sections, making it unsuitable for those afraid of heights or small children. It's recommended to hike this trail between February and October. To access the trail, drive 1.4 miles on SR-9 from the Springdale & Zion Canyon Visitor Center to Zion National Park's South entrance, then make the first right turn and continue for about 0.3 miles to the National Park Visitor Center. During the spring, summer, fall, and holidays, private vehicles are not permitted on the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, so visitors must use the shuttle service, available on a first-come, first-served basis from the Zion Canyon Visitor Center. Note that there is an entrance fee to Zion National Park. For further details, visit the park's website

(Photo by Johnny Callahan)



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