Thelma and Louise Elephants

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Update: Users reported the Thelma and Louise Elephants are now gone. These pink and gray besties are always looking their best advertising for Papa Joe's Fireworks. The business owner regularly gives them a facelift (paint job) so they are always camera-ready for travelers. Complete with tusks and perfectly manicured nails these ladies are a couple of the best looking pachyderms east of the Mississippi.

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Worth a quick stop!
Officially named Big Al and Lizzy
They look so sad
May 13, 2021
A fun visit with our two new friends!
They look so upset.
Thelma and Louise
Captain Jack had to stop to see Thelma and Louise
Thelma and Louise are no more! I do not know if they will be replaced when the Souvenir shop opens (appears seasonal) or not. It still allowed a check in so I’ll let FotoSpot know.
Upadate: if you cross the bridge they are located at the fireworks site, not at the gas station anymore!
October 13, 2023 They have been moved other side of I-95