Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum

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The Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum & Baseball Library in Greenville, South Carolina is a museum dedicated to the controversial and talented baseball player Shoeless Joe Jackson. Located in the house where Jackson lived and died, the museum showcases his life and career through exhibits filled with memorabilia, photographs, and artifacts. Jackson, known for his exceptional hitting ability, played for the Chicago White Sox and was famously banned from professional baseball for life in 1921 due to his alleged involvement in the 1919 Black Sox Scandal. Despite the ban, the museum serves as a tribute to his legacy, offering visitors a unique opportunity to learn about his contributions to the sport and the history of baseball. (Submitted by Jimmy Olsen)

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Volunteer docents make this a wonderful stop on your travels
Such a wonderful surprise highlight from our trip
The White Sox 1917 outfielders (Jackson on far left) wearing their WWI special support the troops uniforms with US flag and stars on the “S”
Babe Ruth (rookie year) getting hitting tips from Shoelace Joe (his last year in majors). Passing the torch!