Kansas City Scout

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Riding bareback with his horse perched on a rocky pedestal is the Kansas City Scout - a Sioux Indian memorialized in bronze. The detail of the statue is incredible - Cyrus Dallin sculpted every muscle and lock of hair with painstaking accuracy and precision. He sits with a ruler-straight back, a hand positioned like a visor over his eyes looking out over what would have been plains a hundred years ago. The 10-foot-tall statue took Dallin five years to finish and it was first exhibited in San Francisco in 1915.

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The Scout
May 16, 2021
July 2021
The view of Kansas City is incredible from the hill top!!
Holy hell, this was not easy to find. GPS is really no help, so here’s a tip: At the intersection of 31st St and Penn St (not Penn Drive), go north on Penn St and park beside the Penn Valley Park tennis courts.