Ark Encounter

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Even if you're not a true believer, you won't be disappointed by this museum which is built to look like a life-sized rendition of Noah's Ark. With exhibits named "Why the Bible Is True" that show a literal interpretation of the bible (e.g., the earth is only 6,000 years old), many will be required to keep an open mind when walking through the inarguably impressive museum. (Photo by Marisa Rae Zinn)

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For an adult it’s $49.95 to make it down to the Ark.....$79.95 for the museum and Ark....hell to no for this guy!!!
Incredible in size!
When you first see it you’re speechless. The size is just mind blowing. Inside is beautiful with many dioramas, videos, movies and information. They play lovely music and have animal sounds in the cages area. The “arkitecture” is stunning. My husband bought two books one on the building of the experience ark and one of the signs on the walls. There’s lots of walking but they have many electric scooters available for rent. The inside has long ramps or elevators to get to the levels. There are restrooms on each level and drink or snack areas. They allow you to bring your own. There’s a few other things to do like petting zoo, zip line, etc. We did the virtual ride. I didn’t care for it but my husband thought it was okay. Kids might like it. It’s pretty short. I drove from DC to see this. Saw many beautiful and quirky things along the way. Totally worth it.
Wonderful experience definitely a must see