Banyan Tree Park


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Sadly, this attraction was damaged but not destroyed in the August '23 Maui wildfires. The good news is it will be back, but it's currently closed to the public until further notice as emergency responders work to clean up debris and hazardous materials left in the aftermath of the wildfires. Kindly refrain from stopping on the bypass or streets to take pictures or get a closer look. #LahainaStrong

Banyan Tree Park contains one of the largest, most impressive banyan trees in the United States. It was imported from India (from where the species originates) and planted in front of the Lahaina Courthouse in 1873, and today, the majestic tree towers over 60-feet high and sprawls across an entire city block—totaling an area of 200 feet! Amazingly, you can walk two thirds of an acre and never leave its shade. That said, it’s the perfect place to take a break from the sun by kicking back on one of the park benches provided. Also, an event called “Art in the Park” is held there every second and fourth weekend of the month—a time when artists and artisans gather under the tree’s natural canopy to sell paintings, prints, and crafts.



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