Victoria Beach's Pirate Tower

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Fit for Rapunzel, this tower juts up from a rocky shoreline in Laguna Beach. It is part of the house which is directly above and serves as a path down to the beach. Since California beaches are all public property, you can walk up to the concrete structure. Unfortunately, it is privately owned, so entry is forbidden.

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Our day doing a photo shoot by the tower
Pre engagement photo shoot by the pirate tower
Such an amazing view
Vacation with granddaughter’s
Victoria beach pirate tower. The tower itself has a lock but you can peak inside. Theirs also tide pools all around.
Pirate’s Tower
Great place
Beautiful Southern California Day
A beautiful spot to shoot at 📸
Quinceañera pics by TLC by G IG:TLCbyG
Victoria Beach
Locked gate with two seahorses as a crest
This is one of the windows, spiral staircase leading to the top
The Pirate Tower at low tide in February. Worth the hike across the rocks!
Trying to climb the base of pirates tower lol
Nice beach
Pirate Tower with the family
Definitely a cool spot! You gotta wait and be patient to have it be clear of other visitors for sure though... waited about an hour and a half just to get a clear shot.
July 18, 2021 Happy gloomy Sunday!