The Last Bookstore

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Housed in the Spring Arts Tower in Downtown L.A. and boasting 22,000 square feet of space, this haven of books is one of the last bastions of the written word on real paper. While the name of the store might be somewhat hyperbolic, it is a sign of the takeover by digital media. With modern art, book sculptures, and a multi-level interior space supported by Doric columns, this is a bookstore that you must plan spending at least a couple of hours in.

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Place is cool and full of so many books!
Heaven for books
Last Book Store
The Spoons!!
Last book store Los Angeles
Love this place
Words words words
(📸: @alohajzm_93 / @1guy1cam [Instagram] )
(📸: @alohajzm_93 / @1guy1cam [Instagram] )
Penny floor in one of the rooms
Old Vaults you can go inside
The Last Bookstore
Last Bookstore
So much art, I love it.
So many books I can’t decide which one to read.
Last book store . Wow !! I like this floor
Nice place for a photo
Nice lighting
“A reader lives a thousand lives. While the person who doesn’t read, lives once.”
Flying books of knowledge
book tunnel!
Another book another tale
Make sure to also check out the art gallery inside
October 12,2021
Hanging book
Yes go!!! Even if you aren’t a reader go, it’s cool and right next to Grand Central Market where you can grab lunch or dinner.
Look. They don’t show where they are