Sleeping Tiger Mural

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In 2016, the Witch Creek Winery made space for a gourmet coffee bar. Owner Mayur Pavagadhi named his new cafe for Michael Summers' 2013 multi-hued mural of the tiger duo painted on the wall outside. While the mural itself is sublime, so is the coffee. The bar features a La Marzocco espresso machine and a Wilbur Curtis Seraphim - both of which add up to a tidy sum of at least $20K and guarantee that you will get the best coffee in town. (Submitted by Alida Bigham)

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So beautiful!!
July 2019
Pretty neat art spot! Sketchy at night though so be careful.
What a fun way to explore the city! Don’t forget to visit the local Café just on the other side of the Mural.
My boys at the mural!