Oldest Operating McDonald's

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Downey, CA may not be a household name but it has a big claim-to-fame as home to the oldest McDonald's that still serves burgers. It is also the second restaurant to be franchised by legendary restauranteurs Richard and Maurice McDonald. While other McDs franchises have changed with the times and overhauled their appearances to simulate the muted tones of bourgeois coffeehouses, this location's design and appearance have remained mostly unchanged since it first opened in 1953.

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Oldest operating McDonalds.
Absolutely loved this little gem. Small, free museum here that was under construction when I went (3.31.18)
Not sure who he is or what he has to do the McDonald's, but he led me to the drive-thru
Jan 27, 2022
Jan 27, 2022
February 5, 2023 McDonald’s after a Ok good baseball game #66