Museum of History In Granite

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Words written in stone last forever and this museum takes this responsibility seriously. On long granite panels, the history of the world and humanity is being etched. One of the panels includes the Felicity Stone which is modeled after the Rosetta Stone and will help our descendants in the distant future decipher English into their own languages. From May to October there are no tour guides due to the excessive desert heat - visitors are on the honor system to donate $3. Any other time of the year Andre Istel or one of his guides will be happy to explain why Felicity is the "Official Center of the World."

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We were here at 4 on a Thursday and they said they were closed. Call before or sneak in without them seeing you leave your car
June 14, 2021
June 2021
Looking at it from a small plane at 7:00 PM.
Definitely worth going! Hard to explain the awesomeness of this place. A must-see in person.