Bronson Caves

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Holy subterranean hideaways, it’s the original Bat Cave! Fans of the kitschy '60s series will recognize this as the cave from which Adam West and Burt Ward emerged at breakneck speed in a suped-up Lincoln Futura to fight crime. If you want to see it, get out your hiking shoes as you’ll need to follow a trail out to the Bronson Caves in Griffith Park. It’s well worth it, Batfriends, as the caves also served as filming locations for Bonanza, Fantasy Island, and Little House on the Prairie (among other shows).

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Caves in the lower right corner. View from the top of trail.
Outside of cave
Amazed by this FotoSpot!.
Closed 🥺
The whole cave is now gated off, but if you’re lucky, you’ll maybe find a whole in between the cave and the gate that you can squeeze into