Alien Fresh Jerky

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Owners Luis and Susana Ramallo have found the perfect way to combine two of their interests - aliens and jerky. Housed in a futuristic building you have your choice of dozens of flavors of jerky as well as other goodies. If you don't eat meat, you can choose from a variety of snacks, trail mix, BBQ marinades, little UFO tchotchkes, or simply get your fortune told by an extraterrestrial in a fortune teller machine.

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We come in peace
Anyone need a Duff?
Aliens after dark.
Vera Alexander’s adventures
Vera Alexander’s adventures
It’s My world !!! Book club trip 2020
It’s so cool place will come back again bring with my kids :)
Alien presidents
December 2021
Building for Alien Jerky
Alien Jerky, Baker, CA
In the back...
They have a UFO shaped hotel being constructed
Hotel is coming along