Standin' on the Corner Park

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A life-sized bronze statue posing with his guitar on a street corner in front of a large trompe-l'oeil mural painted by John Pugh characterizes this tribute to the Eagles. The name of the statue (created in 1999) is taken from a line in the famous Eagles' song "Take it Easy" - "Standing on the corner of Winslow Arizona." Located in the downtown area of Winslow, this statue is near by some shops and restaurants where you can make the most out of your short stop here. (Submitted by Nicole Adams)

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Eagles!!!! 🤟🏼
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Woohoo !!! 6/17/21
Hippie on the corner
Me and Dad standing on the corner
Kip & Kathy on “66”. May 2022
Variety of views from the Corner in Winslow