Flintstones Bedrock City

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A mere 30 minutes away from the Grand Canyon is Flintstones Bedrock City-themed amusement park and RV campground. If you're a fan of the Flintstones then this park is for you! Opening in 1972, originally there were four Bedrock Cities (1 each in Arizona and South Dakota and 2 in Canada) but now only the two in the U.S. have survived. In the park you'll find likenesses of all the Flintstone characters (properly licensed) as well as rides and a diner based on that Stone Age family. The park has been open for 40 years but it has been reported that the owner is trying to sell Bedrock City.

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Saber tooth!
Dinosaur slide here we come !
Flinestone car!
Sadly, Bedrock is closed. What it will be replaced with is Raptor Ranch.
Pretty run down, $5 per person to go in
I don’t know why it won’t let us check in but we were here.
And it’s still open!
Lets goooo